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Yes, I did just coin that word. You heart it here *first*.

My Goodwill Sense was tingling madly today as I perused Half-Price Books next door. I'm planning on buying an RV as soon as I can afford one, but I need to figure out first how much RV to buy. The way I'm handling this experiment is to move into a 144 sq. ft. room that I will equip like the inside of an RV. It will include a galley, a sink, and possibly a humanure toilet. The Gods of Thrift Stores heard my plea, and hooked me the fuck up!

I found a Munsey Contemporary Oven, which was my favorite toaster oven until fortune took my last one away from me. Large enough for a small chicken, solid as a rock, my last one lasted for over 15 years and was still working perfectly when it left my possession. $8

Wonder Wash Portable Clothes Washer - Wash up to 5 lbs of clothes by hand with no power in under 10 minutes including rinsing. Perfect for doing small laundry on the road without power, and easy to use. $8

The accompanying Spin Dryer which must be plugged in, but will remove enough water to get clothing drip-free in under three minutes. $30

A similarly-sized plug-in washer called the Magaic Washer - WW02. Less labor, maybe slightly more water. $20

A Norelco 3-blade shaver with a more functional beard trimmer $4

A Homemedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Massaging Cushion. My Mom has a slightly fancier model, but this one works just about as well, and cost all of $8

I am deeply grateful to the Gods of Thrift for this bounty, and will put it to good use!
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