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I've been re-engineering my social media presence, so I haven't been updating here as much. This will remain my private, post-whatever-the-hell-you-want blog.

Big Things are happening in my life. After lots of work and expense to peachify it, I sold my Honda to the very first person who came to look at it. I got a really good price, and I think he also got a deal, as it's very hard to find a vehicle that old in such excellent condition. I've been operating under the budgetary assumption that I could get a certain amount for the vehicle, and due to conservative estimates and good planning, I managed to get quite a bit more than necessary to satisfy my budget. That extra money is getting gobbled up very quickly, though, for several reasons.

First, my fabulous Sealy mattress of ten years is now officially less comfortable to sleep on than my concrete floor. I ordered a new memory foam mattress, which won't be here for at least a week. I've been sleeping on my jujutsu mats, which are stiffer thank Rick Sanctorum at an Erasure concert.

I feel more martial already.

Luckily a friend came through with a spare full-sized mattress, which is being delivered tomorrow evening, so I should be in better shape then.

The timing is also excellent, as I'm moving from my 500+ sq. ft. master suite into one 144 sq. ft. bedroom. The married couple I live with will be moving in the other direction, which can only lead, one assumes, to increased marital (and therefore household) harmony.

At least, that's the theory.

Another theory at work is that it would be useful for me to try simulating living in an RV for longer periods of time, since it's my intention to get one, then spend months at a time on the road. I love Austin, and don't want to be based elsewhere, but I'm Done with Austin summers. I have friends and lovers in Portland and Atlanta, and lots of other places I'd like to visit. I'm also engineering my career in a more mobile direction. Anywhere I have wi-fi, I'll be able to earn income.

So in addition the new, smaller full-sized mattress (coming down from a queen), I'm also getting a loft bed for the new digs. I'm not exactly sure how sex is going to go with that little ceiling clearance, but I'll have the spring mattress arriving tomorrow for "guests."

It's like college all over again.

One major motivation in getting extra money for the truck was to be able to visit the beautiful [ profile] spottedvasa again, and I just finished getting my tickets for that.

Finally, I recently decided to dovetail my desires to sell a lot of shit (144 < 500) with my desire to save money, so I zeroed out my food budget. If I want to eat in the next six months, I can't take it out of savings. I have to get it from additional sales of Crap I make. I took a few weeks worth out of the car money to jump start that effort, and I also have my first salvo of items on Ebay. By the time those auctions are done, I should have enough to survive for a month an a half in my piggy bank.
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It's amazing how much of reality is determined by whether and where one is pointed.

Budgeting is a very good case-in-point. Except for < $400/week from unemployment, I haven't had any income since December, and yet I'm not really that worried. Why? Because I have an increasing accurate budget that tells me that I can still survive for nearly a year on my existing money. This makes it possible for me to Take Steps to, instead of going back to the old full-time corporate grind, gain greater control of my time and destiny by becoming a successful independent contractor. And it doesn't just nail down events in a single, linear future, as useful as that is. It becomes a lens through which multiple prospective futures can be quantified, explored, and evaluated.
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Sep. 8th, 2008 02:28 am
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I just torched my last credit card after paying its outstanding balance of $15. I'm currently reading Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover on the recommendation of my mother, who's sound financial advice is one of the reasons my house, which has appreciated 75k in the four years I've owned it, is my only outstanding debt.

As practice, I've successfully kept myself on a food and entertainment budget for the past 2 years. I just pull out the cash at the beginning of the week, and that's it for the week. A comprehensive budget is a little more challenging, but totally necessary for any degree of sane financial planning.

I might be time to practice guitar...


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