I did it!

Aug. 12th, 2010 12:55 pm
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I just quit my job, and, by proxy, the whole corporate wage-slave cubefarm hamster race!

Hell Yes!
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My final severance check from my ex-yob direct-deposited itself into my life today, and it's officially the largest check I've ever seen except for the down payment on my house. And, *this* check is moving the *other* direction. :)

It's also the *very* last money I'll be getting from my former employer, my only real source of income for nine years. This was my deadline for getting hard core about finding new corporate employment. I'm not going to stop working on any of my other business ventures, but I recognize that it's unlikely they'll be paying all my bills in time to keep me from brokedom.

I still have fantastically cheap insurance coverage through the company at least until the end of march, for which I am profoundly grateful. Riding the scooter without insurance is not an option, no matter *how* broke I am.
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After letting myself proceed in a semi-productive-but-unfocused way for several weeks after losing my job, it's time to start setting goals and deadlines to get things back on track.

My original long-term plan was to switch from working full-time in the corporate world to contracting, so I could work for, say, six months, save a big chunk of change, then take some time off before getting my next contract. I realized sometime this weekend, that I have *already* accomplished that goal!
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El Future

Nov. 19th, 2008 02:57 pm
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As awesome as all this carefree sitting around on my ass has been, it's been hard not to notice that the number in my bank account has recently started to go in only one direction. So far I've:

o Filed for, but not actually claimed, unemployment

o Done some soul searching, but not enough, to determine what I'd like to do next. Right now I'm leaning toward technical and/or self-help training.

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Thanks to everyone who made the Office Space party such a success! We had almost exactly the predicted number of people, and all the food that I made was annihilated. The movie was freaking killer, and it was wonderful to see it for the first time among so many great friends. I'm glad I waited until getting laid off to see it. I really appreciate the various kinds of help I got preparing and with food and drink. I'm not a very experienced host, so I need all the help I can get. Apologies to anyone who went unintroduced. Things broke up pretty quickly after the movie was over.
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...what could *that* be he's making?

...and what would it taste like with this on it?

Be There

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When: Thursday, November 13, 8:30PM
Phone: 512-789-8768
Where: Casa Blue, 2501 Berwyn Circle

In the nine layoffs I've survived as a corporate hamster, I had two talismans. One was a fortune cookie on the nametag of my cubicle saying "A cheerful message is on it's way to you." The other?

The other was Office Space.

When I heard about how good and apt it was, I vowed never to watch it until I quit my job, or my job quit me. On 2:30 PM last Thursday, my hamsterhood was terminated.

Please join me this Thursday at 8:30 PM to watch the movie about what our lives have become, on a projection screen with full surround sound. And bring some alcohol. You might need it.

Pizza and snacks will be served, along with my now infamous Green Tea ice cream.
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So naturally they took all my security shit at work today before they walked me out. That included the card I use to connect to the corporate internet. However, my system at home was still connected. As a result, I ended up chatting with my Chinese counterpart about all kinds of shit until 4 AM. It was fun! And I was able to tell her stuff I didn't normally discuss at work because, well, I've already been canned! It's lucky that it was still connected all day. My VPN connection usually drops several times a day, so luck was with me this time.

And now I disconnect...


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It's important to keep things in perspective. For instance, while I was snoozing away in anticipation of my meeting, this happened in east Austin:

Austin police close 7 campuses, kill man armed with AK-47.

Yet another reason not to "do mornings."

And although, considering its reputation, I'm surprised something this commonplace made the news at all:

Beheaded man hanged from overpass in Juarez, Mexico

I guess I can cross Juarez off my "places to seek employment/keep head" list.

I'm out.

Nov. 6th, 2008 04:32 pm
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Our entire US team got axed today. After hearing about [livejournal.com profile] troyisburning's recent shaft, I'm grateful for the fairly dignified treatment and decent severance I got. Now that it's over, I'm significantly less stressed than I was before. I'm sure I'll be ok, but naturally it's shocking to be without a steady paycheck for the first time in nine years.

The Meeting

Nov. 5th, 2008 11:04 pm
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So Thursay afternoon is a meeting, which may well be The Meeting. Wish me luck. This time, I definitely need it.
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I've always felt that large corporations' tendency to can their employees just in time for Crossmas to be grimly appropriate. I have good reason to believe my company will be laying people off in my department soon. After surviving more than 10 layoffs since working there, I'm no longer willing to head trip about whether it will happen to me or not. In my mind, I can make a good case for why it could be me every single time, and it's never the same story twice. The chips will fall where they fall.

When Office Space, filmed partially in Austin, came out, and I heard about how great it was, I decided that I *wouldn't* see it until I either got laid off or quit.

If it's time to see it, it will be time for a party.
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This French documentary on the Evils of Monsanto has caused me to consider finding a way to make destroying them a lifelong devotion.

It's time to give some thought to a dealt penalty for corporations.

I want a bumper sticker that says "Monsanto : Satan in any religion"
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I'm off to my final review for this year at work at 8:30 AM on Thursday! So far everything looks really good. I finished my 24-slide Powerpoint presentation, and already had the projects themselves done last week.

I hereby coin the word "cogdom" to describe the state of being a corporate drone.

You heard it here first!
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Evidently this is some kind of corporate group-think indoctrination program, hereby dubbed by me a "Customer Inservice," that allows us to waste time "bonding" on the corporate nickel while customers understandingly stand by.

If I use the word "synergy" at any point in the next thirty days, please force-feed me a bottle of Jim Bean and dump me in front of a Mexican whorehouse.

You have your instructions.
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...so most people have experienced some degree of frustration from the fact that the people working in big company are interchangeable cogs and that their individuality doesn't matter to the company. Well, it turns out this isn't just a side affect. I'm reading Rich Dad's Guide to Investing, and the book is talking about building a business as a road to making money. It points out that any dependence on the individuality of any employee undermines the entire idea. The goal is to create a set of systems that make the business go, like a machine, with as little dependence on the individual characteristics of any one employee as possible. So it's like you're trying to create this giant, mechanical thing with all these specialized hamster wheels. As long as the hamster in wheel 24601 knows accounting, and the hamster in wheel 78704 knows manufacturing, etc, etc, the system will run and produce money (and, preferably, happy customers.) McDonalds is a perfect example. It's a monolithic business system feeding millions (for better or worse, go see Super Size Me) making billions for the shareholders, and it's run by *teenagers*. So when you sell the business, what you're really selling is the system of hamster wheels, not the people in it. In the case of, say, a franchise, you're simply buying the system, then hiring individual cogs to fill it.

So, you're *not* just imagining it. People *are* creating huge, soulless machines that take the labor of the masses and convert them into profits for the rich. It's not an accident, it's by design. It doesn't mean that there's no ethical use of the idea, but it definitely means your dealing with something that's designed to be inherently unappreciative of human individuality, and it's hard to care about the Collective when the Collective doesn't care about you.


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