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My friend [ profile] trippedbreakerneeded Late Night Cat Food, so I offered to let him borrow my electric scooter. He happens to convert vehicles to electric for a living, which will become ironic shortly. While talking to [ profile] spottedvasa on the phone around midnight, I got a text from him informing me he was stuck at a gas station a few miles away with a dead scooter.

I replaced the scooter batteries a few months ago, luckily with ones purchased from Alien Scooter on South Lamar, meaning they have a warranty. His opinion was that the batteries were acting as though they were just about to die (as in die-die, not die-just-discharged.) They cost approximately $500. Recently, the scooter has been suddenly nearly dieing when only about 20% into its range, and I had forgotten how cold it was tonight. Lead-Acid batteries lose a huge percentage of their power in the cold.

So I swooped in to the rescue with the charger and an extension cord. We plugged it in and left it for about two hours. My original plan, which I'm very happy I vetoed, was to bicycle down to the scooter, lock up the bike, and ride the hopefully-charged-enough-to-get-home scooter back. Instead I decided I'd rather take the Metro down to it, park it, and take the bus or something tomorrow when it's warmer. At 3:05 AM, I just got home after a chilling low-speed-into-the-wind scoot home. The scooter is now charging in the carport, and I am going to *bed*.
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Today I:

Took action in my retirement portfolio before even opening both eyes or getting out of bed

Hung out with my Dad at Hot Mommas

Bought several 15-ft pieces of long-leaf pine, plus a few cedar boards, for under $11 at the Habitat Restore

Bought 9 tomato seedlings at The Great Outdoors

Responded to several important digital messages

Gave money to my roommate to pay for her ongoing re-modeling of The Shed into something more like a Building.

Weeded and watered the potato bed, which now has 5 or 6 vines breaking the surface!

Replaced the spark plugs and wires on my long-broken Geo Metro, which seems to have fixed it! The 38/54 mpg driving is *way* cheaper than the 22/26 mpg driving! Now I just need to get the scooter fixed, so I can resume my more regular 1-cent-per-mile commuting.

Treated said Metro to a much-needed bath, and bought badly-needed battery lugs for it, by *driving* it to the auto parts store

Ordered an ammeter to add to the instrument cluster on the scooter, which will tell me whether the 80 amp breaker, which is tripping every few miles, is actually broken or properly rescuing my testicles from plasma immolation

Fixed a Massive Plug in our kitchen sink. After plungers, disassembling, the p-trap, and the 15-ft snake failed to dislodge the clog, I had to resort to an expansion bladder, which plugs up the drain and forces water down the pipe. I had water coming out onto the roof through the vent, but I managed to get it cleared. Next time I'm renting one of those super-scary powered roto-rooter things from the hardware store that my roommate has informed me has put two people he knew in the hospital.

Called my Mom to discuss some important estate planning details

So while I have done about zero toward my next iPhone game today, I can now see that my earlier guilty feeling that "I didn't accomplish shit!" today is a bunch of malarkey . :)

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Others on this list that were salivating to see my new EVT R-20 electric scooter were probably nearly excited as I was on December 3rd when I posted that it had shipped. After once again having heard nothing from them for two weeks, I finally called them, got the contact info for the shipping company, and managed to get the following reply:

Good afternoon,

Your scooter left our Sumner, WA facility this afternoon. It can take up to
one week for your scooter to arrive in your area. Once your scooter is in
your area, you will be contacted by the trucking company for a delivery

At this point, I know better than to get my hopes up, but it *does* look like the scooter will be here shortly.

I actually had a dream last night about not having it, surprising only in it's lack of Star Trek content.
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I just sent in my deposit on the R-20, the 45 MPH electric scooter I mentioned earlier. I have no idea exactly when I'll be getting it, except that it's expected to be before the end of the year. They are hand-assembling them as the orders come in.

I got it in silver instead of my preferred red, because it will probably reflect more heat and keep the body marginally cooler on hot days. Assuming we ever have any hot days again.

Time to start thinking about $10,000 of extra chrome, Gothic wings and gargoyles, etc.

I may also have to purchase a Hun Hat.

I went down to Alien Scooters and test-drove one of EVT's 30 MPH models, the EVT 168, to get a feel for their products. I was very impressed by the overall solid feel, acceleration, and control ergonomics. I cruised around inside the parking lot, then headed by way of Kinney to Lamar, where I got to experience the thrill of being on a scooter in traffic for about two minutes. Motorcycle enthusiasts (hell, bicyclists!) will laugh, but 30 MPH seems pretty damn fast when your sitting in a chair 8 inches off the road. I can imagine the pants-shitting fun of going 120 on a crotch rocket. My only complaint was that it's tiny wheels definitely find and transfer the impact of an uneven road to my bony ass, and going over speed bumps was very difficult without bottoming out. We'll have to see if any of these complaints have been addressed on the R-20.


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