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So I had these coins.

These *dirty* coins.

I left a syringe of expoxy in my car after an abortive repair attempt. And it leaked. Not the hardener, mind you. Just the resin. It leaked directly into my change compartment, coating all my change in a sticky, gooey, Gieger-esque mass.

I tried to clean them. With soap. And shaking.

*Lots* of shaking.

But to no avail! They remained slimy enough to be useless. I was going to just ditch them. Leave then on the street for those less fortunate than myself, lonely and forgotten. They were so bad I had to spit polish them with a dirty napkin just to use them at Taco Bell.

Really! I had given up.

I had given up, until the city of Austin changed it's fucking downtown parking regulations to include Saturday nights until fucking *midnight*.

I'm not fond of paying for parking.

Until now. :)


May. 8th, 2011 01:40 am
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Someone just took my picture for while I was dancing at Elysium. I'm not quite vain enough to continually watch the site for it, so if anyone catches is, please let me know.

Metro Goes

Mar. 26th, 2011 08:52 pm
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Undoubtedly tired after it's long nap, the Metro has been running quite rough since I got it running again.
Dealing with frequent re-starts and sluggish off-the-deck performance was bad enough, but I should have known I was really in trouble when I couldn't get the fucker started after four tries while an ambulance was crawling up my ass, lights flashing and horn blazing. Maintenance minutia follows:
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Aug. 16th, 2010 12:11 am
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I still haven't been able to completely conquer my feet's tendency to immediately exit the dance floor as soon as the slide whistle heralding the arrival of De-Lite's Groove is in the Heart peals out of the speakers.
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Morning admiring hog panels at Callahans General Store, evening dancing with tits and hotties to Temple of Love.

I love my life.
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...if you can only dance for someone else.
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If you aren't black, and you wear any kind of faux animal skin, you need to be aware that the Fashion Police are tracking your every move, hovering above you in a wasp-like Minority Report transport, just *waiting* to swarm out of the darkness and remove you from a public you are so clearly endangering. I'm not saying it's impossible to get away with it, but you have to *earn* it. And until you do, the rest of are not responsible for the consequences to you of taking whatever action we feel is necessary to protect ourselves.

There was one such person at Elysium on Sunday night, and I have to admit that when I first saw this individual, the arrogant, propriety part of me that considers that particular rectangle of long-leaf pine to be *my* dance floor was very close to taking Extreme Measures. I don't think I was alone. But, despite The Darkness, the better part of me was able to restrain the demon *just* long enough to allow for the *small* possibility that this person had what it took.

It took a few songs. It was *not* an easy sell. However, in the end, she did.

Still, she plays a dangerous game.

A game Kung-Fu Miss Lou once played *so* well.
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Cafe Mundi, the coolest coffee house and chill space in Austin, has lost their bid to keep their space of 11 years in one of the last remaining legitimate parts of the East Side. This is perhaps the most depressing news I've ever heard.

My identity as a Burner started at Cafe Mundi in 2002, when a shy me arrived, after three failed attempts, at a hidden coffee house on the East Side to the fantabulous scene of freaks spinning fire. Six months later, well-armored in denim and a cotton hoodie, I was initiated in the informal order of firedancers. Shortly thereafter, at my first Flipside, I firedanced naked in a complete stranger's wedding, and the transformation to the Not side of Normal was forever committed.

We continued to have fire practice at Cafe Mundi for many years before we were forced to find a new location, and of all the many, many fantastic coffee houses in Austin, it is still my favorite. Hearing that it is closing is like losing a close friend. The only location I feel more passionately about in Austin is Elysium. Not even my own home is as important to me.

Despite the fact that firedancing is explicitly forbidden in their most recent lease, I feel it's *necessary* to have a final fire jam there. I'm going to approach the owner about doing it at the very end of the lease, but if she feels that's too much risk, I'm considering setting it up rave-style the day *after* Mundi leaves, so she can't be held responsible for what happens. It's not enough, but it's the only thing I can think of that shows a tiny bit of how I feel about the space.

There seem to be plans to find a new location for Cafe Mundi. While it's hard to believe it could be as fabulous as their current spot, I'd love to see what's next for Our Heros. In support of that, as much as possible, Mundi will be my default hang-out location between now and the Final Bell. If you haven't experienced the magic, now would be the time. It won't be with us for much longer.
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The Covenant concert at Elysium was sort-of OK. I'm glad I went to see them once, but probably wouldn't do it again.
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My Busy, Busy Tongue

...was not idle at the Project Pitchfork concert this evening.
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Digging through my clothes on the way to the Apoptygma Berzerk concert tonight at Elysium, I found my tits lying around from Orfunner. On impulse, I threw them on, but then was suddenly presented with a dilemma of what to do with the rest of my outfit. The doors opened almost an hour ago, and I didn't have a lot of time, so I decided "Fuck it. I'm going like this."

So me, my Tits, my manly pony tail, combat boots, and my 4-days growth of beard are headed out.

See you there, assuming you don't stand too close.

ButchTits 1 ButchTits 2 ButchTits 3 ButchTits 4

And yes, I'm aware that these are a little over-the-top. I took them at 4 AM after getting home from the concert. While my panties were still folded neatly on my shelf, my insoles were definitely in a wad.

The concert itself fucking *rocked* in ways I wasn't anticipating.
I'd seen Apop at Trance Communion in Houston the year of the Great Flood, and that experience lead me to the conclusion that most Industrial bands are better in the hand of skilled DJ than they are live. However, the smaller venue and total focus on Apop's work made all the difference.Read more... )

I'm home.

May. 3rd, 2009 12:18 am
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Arriving at Elysium without earplugs is a *definite* sign of stress.

Arriving *with* underwear, however, is a whole other *level*...
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I'm schlepping my visiting herd of Japanese down to Elysium tonight for 80's night. Echo needs a break. I'm the Designated Driver, and hopefully everyone will have fun. They all smoke like chimneys, too, so they will probably appreciate a place to smoke indoors.
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6:30 PM) Look for Legendary Pink Dots ticket. Can't find it.
6:32 PM) Check e-mail. Delivery : "USPS"
6:45 PM) Call Ticketmaster "Too late to help. Show in two hours."
7:00 PM) Search random Piles of Mail for ticket. No ticket. No Dots!
7:27 PM) Search through *all* of the last two weeks of circulars in recycle bin.
8:04 PM) Find ticket! Yay! I Recycle = No Rotten Bacon on Ticket.

8:30 PM) Imbibe fungus. Feel ill. Cough.
8:34 PM) Check Bus Schedule
8:37 PM) Discover Bus Strike = No Service to/from downtown
8:38 PM) Swear a lot
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I recovered some other good photos of the InSoc concert this week at Elysium, so I'm re-posting the link to the collection:

Click El Pic for More!
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The more crazy and deviant any new outfit is, the further you will be forced to park from you destination.


Aug. 24th, 2008 03:15 am
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I had a fabulous night at Elysium tonight!

I met Tom, Lisa, Ronnie, Rebecca, Alexa and possibly several other people. All at once!

All three DJs played distinctive yet totally excellent music.

Dancing on stage with lollipop suckling hotties makes me very happy!
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Information Society at Elysium on September 17th.

Ani Difranco at Stubbs on September 21st

I will see you there!

(...unless I'm facing the wrong direction...)
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I had a fantastic day today.
I got up, took a shower, and watered my exponentially flowering tomato plants (one of my Sweet 100s has almost 100 blooms on it) before [ profile] gailmom came over to visit from a night at Voyagers. Neither of us had had very much sleep, but we managed to stay awake long enough to enjoy each other's (and my dogs') company for several hours while her friend shopped local thrift stores. I decided it would be fun to go to Cafe Mundi, and just before we left I got a bite on my last-minute Cure ticket request on Craigslist. Not only did the guy have a ticket at my asking price, but it turns out he lives in the condo *directly* next to Cafe Mundi!

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...from the Church, where I've only been about twice in the past year. I used to frequent the club while I still lived here in D/FW in the 90s. Last time I was there, they had introduced an enormous projector into the main dance hall, and it was hugely distracting and sucked a lot of energy out of the room. However, on this visit they had turned it down, and it totally fixed everything. Elysium is definitely my home now, but the Church still rocks, and DJ Virus has turned out to be a worthy successor to Karl Fought. I danced like a whore and enjoyed the extra amenities, like the second dance floor playing more poppy music, and the men's restroom with an actual *stall* *door*.

I *love* the fact that the very first link while Googling "The Church Dallas" has very little to do with Christianity. :)


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