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My friend [ profile] trippedbreakerneeded Late Night Cat Food, so I offered to let him borrow my electric scooter. He happens to convert vehicles to electric for a living, which will become ironic shortly. While talking to [ profile] spottedvasa on the phone around midnight, I got a text from him informing me he was stuck at a gas station a few miles away with a dead scooter.

I replaced the scooter batteries a few months ago, luckily with ones purchased from Alien Scooter on South Lamar, meaning they have a warranty. His opinion was that the batteries were acting as though they were just about to die (as in die-die, not die-just-discharged.) They cost approximately $500. Recently, the scooter has been suddenly nearly dieing when only about 20% into its range, and I had forgotten how cold it was tonight. Lead-Acid batteries lose a huge percentage of their power in the cold.

So I swooped in to the rescue with the charger and an extension cord. We plugged it in and left it for about two hours. My original plan, which I'm very happy I vetoed, was to bicycle down to the scooter, lock up the bike, and ride the hopefully-charged-enough-to-get-home scooter back. Instead I decided I'd rather take the Metro down to it, park it, and take the bus or something tomorrow when it's warmer. At 3:05 AM, I just got home after a chilling low-speed-into-the-wind scoot home. The scooter is now charging in the carport, and I am going to *bed*.
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Tonight I attended both Eastern Bloc party at the Rhizome Collective and my standard Saturday haunt of Industrial night at Elysium. My visit to the Rhizome collective was ironic, since I've been heavily into permaculture for several years, but had never actually *been* to the Rhizome since. Upon arriving, I realized I had been there once before, a *long* time ago, possibly before it was known by that name. Also for a party, not permaculture. :)

The Eastern Bloc party was both well attended and well musified.

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I'm legal!

Jan. 28th, 2008 09:13 pm
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I went down to Fry's Title today to see if I could get the scooter registered. I had the Certificate of Origin, the Bill of Sale, my insurance card, and my driver's license. There was a certain number of strange looks and asking questions of the other employee, but I ended up with a license plate. It's a moped plate, but I'm not quibbling. I've got the license for a true motorcycle, my scooter is electric, and the state has their sales and registration tax.

The crazy thing? Guess who the manufacturer is according the COO?

Fuck! They took it! I should have photocopied it first.

Anyway, it was some Chinese Space Exploration and Instrumentation company! Wild.

I found it! I'm 99% sure it's Nan Fang Space Navigation Science and Technology Company Ltd.

Later tonight I intend to drive my scooter legally for the very first time! YAY!


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