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Yes, I did just coin that word. You heart it here *first*.

My Goodwill Sense was tingling madly today as I perused Half-Price Books next door. I'm planning on buying an RV as soon as I can afford one, but I need to figure out first how much RV to buy. The way I'm handling this experiment is to move into a 144 sq. ft. room that I will equip like the inside of an RV. It will include a galley, a sink, and possibly a humanure toilet. The Gods of Thrift Stores heard my plea, and hooked me the fuck up!

I found a Munsey Contemporary Oven, which was my favorite toaster oven until fortune took my last one away from me. Large enough for a small chicken, solid as a rock, my last one lasted for over 15 years and was still working perfectly when it left my possession. $8

Wonder Wash Portable Clothes Washer - Wash up to 5 lbs of clothes by hand with no power in under 10 minutes including rinsing. Perfect for doing small laundry on the road without power, and easy to use. $8

The accompanying Spin Dryer which must be plugged in, but will remove enough water to get clothing drip-free in under three minutes. $30

A similarly-sized plug-in washer called the Magaic Washer - WW02. Less labor, maybe slightly more water. $20

A Norelco 3-blade shaver with a more functional beard trimmer $4

A Homemedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Massaging Cushion. My Mom has a slightly fancier model, but this one works just about as well, and cost all of $8

I am deeply grateful to the Gods of Thrift for this bounty, and will put it to good use!
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I did all *kinds* of shit today.

Fixed the thermostat on the Metro, greatly improving long driving trips

Got a buckwheat pillow, a really nice electric meat/veggie slicer, and a French press at Thrift Land for under $17

Repaired and mortared the second set of tiles in the bathroom. I should be able to grout tomorrow.

Got some sweetened condensed milk to make Tai Ice Tea

Made Scones from The New Best Recipe for the second time

Killed countless mosquitoes with a merciless device that boils their bodies in mid-flight

Beat Samurai Showdown II Twice, once with Jubei and once with Kyoshiro, while waiting for other shit to happen.

Details below:
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I know the American (and really, is it so specific to our country?) tendency to shop has gotten a bad rap. However, it's hard to think of anything besides eating, sex, and sleep that's more consistently fun. And cheap, if you decide to make it so! Today I scored:

1) An actual GLASS replacement for my blender pitcher. The old one was made out of a special space-age-in-the-70s plastic that not only broke often, but was nearly 100% resistant to all forms of plastic adhesive, making it a leaking wreck. Now I have a very nice, solid glass pitcher with clear volume markings on the outside, and it cost me exactly $3.

2) I've gotten fairly tired of scratching various parts of my anatomy raw during the cold-induced dry-a-thon my house is undergoing because the heat is on all the time right now. The air is fucking dry! Guests from New Hampshire were complaining about it when they were here, and my dogs noses feel like tire rubber. So I got a) a relative humidity gauge for $20 from Radio Snack(tm) and b) a Homedics Ultrasonic Humidifier for $5. I started at 32% relative inside, and the new doodad is industriously pumping out mountains of stage-effect-like water fog as we speak. We'll see later tonight if it's improved things.

We'll also play with the laser pointer in the fog again. Yes, indeed.

3) A great glass-looking-but-really-plastic lock-top jar for dogfood or some other countertop item with a really nice looking wooden lid.

I still haven't found the right teapot, but will keep looking.


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