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With four girlfriends and as many possibilities as I had at Flipside, it's pretty hard to believe I haven't gotten laid for weeks. I've been pondering why, exactly, this is, and while it's complicated, what it really boils down to is this:

I don't trust people to be ok with casual sex.

Almost every decision I made that lead to me turning down obvious interest or failing to follow up on intriguing possibilities boils down to this.

My time is so limited right now, and I'm *still* not getting close to getting everything done. I miss my existing partners, who are all also very busy people. If I could actually have casual but meaningful sexual experience on the side, I would do it. But I absolutely do *not* have time to carry any additional full relationships, and my experience so far makes it very hard to have faith that potential causal partners could keep things casual.
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Many of you are probably viewing this with Google Chrome. One of Chrome's neat and creepy features is that when you start to type an address, it not only auto-predicts based on past web pages visits, but with some other algorithm that makes it match your desired result faster than competing browsers like Firefox. However, I can't find the algorithm it uses. It's not the same one they use for their main search page. And the reason I'm concerned is that, the very first time you ever run Chrome (or immediately after clearing all your browsing date for privacy) and you type 'porn' at the beginning of the address bar (probably 60% of first usages!), one and only one link pops up. And it's this:

So when the teenagers of the world are looking to get their rocks off somewhere away from the fucked up propaganda the world feeds us about sex and masturbation, they get Jesus Speak instead! As the first ranked link!

This is completely unacceptable exploitation of a vulnerable population, precisely what the site claims to be trying to prevent.

Someone in the sex industry, PLEASE do something about this. This is not the porn experience the Internet was created to bring the youth of our world!
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This two-person-plus-help show was *killer*!

They will be doing an encore performance, and are looking for other draggy performers to help!
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Right at this moment, perhaps because of all the butter, I'm really feeling it.

Gratitude and thanks to all those who have, do, and will contribute to my joy in life. I love you all.
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Responding to the thrusting, insistent demands of my progressively erectile sweet peas, I finished the vine trellises on the back of my two square foot gardens today, one of 3/4" electrical conduit and the other of bamboo. I then continued moding the two 4'x'4' boxes I pilfered from a defunct hardware store to become polycultures,which I'd like to get planted before it gets too hot. This will bring me up to 48 sq. ft, which should be enough to feed myself and bring something to the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market, which by happy, stupid coincidence is within easy biking distance.

Of course, this would require finding my seeds. I can find my seeds, can't I?

Sure I can.

The pursuit of this and other goals mandated another exciting midnight return to Construction Site X. The "topsoil" mountain I climbed yesterday turned out to be caliche, which is Mexican for "nothing grows there." However, I found a large mound of sand, which could be handy, and Mt. Mulch was still there. I proceeded to fill the 4'x4' bed with mulch, then Bogarted another 5 bags full of it, plus another box of holey limestone.

I need to actually start USING some of this landscaping material to do some, say, *landscaping*. I'm running out of room to store it all.
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That's actually a good title, since at least 70% of my caloric expenditure recently has either been for permaculture or sex. :)

After adding the required-by-Mel squaration slats to my two beds, I planted them with actual plants. Or, at least, the *seeds* of plants. I watered before and after, and was pretty fucking amazed at how much water the Mel's Mix holds. I watered for about 5 minutes straight, with very little run-off, and the soil was only wet to 1 inch. I shit you not. I watered for another 15 minutes and then mixed it in, then planted the seeds, and finally watered again.

Later I proceeded to retrieve two bed-bottoms full of rock from a local construction site. I've decided that instead of just having an herb spiral in my front yard, I'm going to do a full raised-bed setup, which will require more rock.

One can always use more limestone!

Finally, on another Dog-Escapee Retrieval Mission, I ran into a local who both lives in a yard that abuts the new construction and is a Master Gardener for Austin.
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I want to fuck everyone.
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Not that I'd likely ever do that in such a personal space, BUT...

Number 5) Direct evidence of sexual activity
Number 4) The fact that they're even getting tested means their more responsible than 95% of the human population.
Number 3) Body language in an STD clinic is about 80% more informative than normal. :)
Number 2) You can find out if they have a partner who cares enough to come along.


NUMBER 1) If you date them in the near future, they can't say "Well, I'm usually up to date, but I haven't been tested recently..."

I went to the state clinic today to get my semi-regular STD screen. Not anticipating any problems, will post results here when I get them. Unfortunately not all of them will be available for Poly Big Fun, since the turnaround time on the HIV and one other is two weeks. I'm considering going to planned parenthood or something to get same-day HIV results, but my behavior recently has been conservative enough that I'm probably just going to take the results I *do* have by then with me and let anyone interested at PBF make their own informed decision.
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This week, I've slept with two women, danced with several more, been unexpected kissed goodbye by a transvestite, been slathered with so much pussy my skin was raw and my eyes were bloodshot...

...and yet never had sex by any description once...
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This is a fantastic book telling the story of Dr. Betty Dodson, a sexual pioneer in the area of masturbation and solo sex. She realized early in life how fundamental a problem women's negative feelings about their own bodies and sexuality was and set out to correct it herself. She created erotic arts show consisting entirely of people masturbating, which were often much harder to get shown than previous similar erotic art showing partnersex. She went on tour, showing "Developing an Asthetic for the Female Genitalia" slides to thousands of women, and later going on to lead group masturbation seminars where women learned to be naked together, accept and appreciate their own bodies and beauty, and celebrate their sexuality together by experiencing orgasms in a group. This version of her earlier book includes information for men as well. Her bravery in the face of a hugely sex-negative culture has been the turning point for probably tens of thousands of people, placing her high on my hero list. She also runs a website, where she answers questions and lists a few of her favorite sex toys (and SHE SHOULD KNOW!)

This is another for the Mauer Mandory Reading for Kindergardeners list.

Hmmm...what to do now..?


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