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I've updated my online presence to include both a professional and "private" Facebook page, but something about the change makes me reluctant to really be completely honest on Facebook. Maybe just because it's Facebook. I've had many instances where I *wanted* to post something person, etc., but just didn't feel good about doing it there.

So I'm back here. For who knows how long.

The comment that I wanted to make, while perusing porn on Tumblr, is that while I'm interested in broadening my sexual horizons, experimenting with BDSM and role-play, etc., I really can't ever imagine me answering the question: "What's your biggest sexual fantasy?" with "I'm the Count of Monty Cristo, dressed in fabulous velvet, exchanging triple entendres with the Vicar's saucy wife" instead of "I want a pair of hot chicks to give me a rimjob and a blowjob

Real sex with real people is a completely different story, because that's mainly about connecting with and exchanging pleasure with someone I care deeply about (most of the time. :) )

Context, costuming, and mental state simply aren't as important to my fantasy life as XXX-rated porn. :) It's possible that might not be true if there were ever hope of even remote parity between situational erotica and Random Internet Porn, but I don't think there's enough minutes in my lifetime for that to be even remotely possible. I *do* appreciate an ever-widening and increasingly artistic variety of porn, but it's still porn.
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